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The Old Fashioned Music Show
That's right, Tim's back with his trad jazz mix - though he'll probably stray back into the 1920s, too, cos he's that cool. A relaxing start to a hectic term.
New Morning

Tom Morello once said that ‘every successful, progressive, radical or revolutionary movement that has ever been seen has had a great soundtrack’. We bring you these soundtracks. Each week we have a different theme and movement, playing the songs that have provided impetus for change and given people a voice. 


A taste of what's to come at SyncopY, York's original electro-swing event! For event details, see https://goo.gl/V5aNlq

Culture Vultures

Ever wondered how art inspired Bowie? Or what gave rise to Freddie Mercury’s most iconic looks? 

Join us as we explore the intersections and connections between art, music, history, literature and fashion together. From 20s French Jazz to 60s New York, we’ll chat your ear off about all things culture! Enjoy the dulcet tones of two Culture Vultures right here on URY.

The Subterranium

Every show, The Wheel decides the type of music (year, genre, etc) that we will focus on. Between songs we will have music-related discussions alongside general conversation and other gobbledegook and hogwash.