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The 20th Century Collection

Join Danni Boxall for some rock and pop tunes from the latter half of the 20th Century. Tune in for all your favourite classics and maybe discover something new.

Alumni Takeover: Jeremy Rogers

Quietly forgetting the undertaking given on his last URY show on 24 June 1985, Jeremy Rogers returns URY to the time when there were only 4,500 undergraduate students, beer was 50p a pint, social media meant sending postcards and URY itself was a few tens of metres from where it is now, both in the studio and on the dial.


Wham! The radio has landed back in a time when a guy called Frankie Said Relax and a girl called Rio danced upon the sands. It's the 1980s (again) so apply the hairspray, make up and dance like the audience on Top of the Pops!


Great tunes from the 80s! 

Alumni Shows: Throwback to the 80s

This week: a 1980s Christmas special, setting out to prove that the 80s weren't all as cool as you thought.

Alumni Shows: At Last The 1981 Show

Reaching back in time, the show formerly known as Throwback to the 80s focuses its laser-like gaze on the clusterf**k that was 1981 in British pop.

Alumni Shows: 33 Years in 2 Hours

Every alternative indie release since 1987, in two hours.
In the 1980s, I committed crimes against music, right here on URY. They've sentenced me to two hours' community service, to put the record straight.
(Sunday 25 October, 4-6pm)