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Duration: 1 Hour

GARRYY's Greatest Hits

Sunday, 19 May 2024 - 21:00


GARRYY, Gawwy or to some people, Harry has, in his opinion at least, an excellent taste in music and it would be a disservice to the world to not obnoxiously blast it across the airwaves. That's where this show comes in. GARRY's Greatest Hits will be playing exclusively bangers for the enjoyment of your ears.



Harry Smith


Track Artist Time
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Arctic Monkeys 21:02
Call Me (Original Version) Blondie 21:06
What Can I Say After I'm Sorry? Blossoms 21:11
Little Lies Fleetwood Mac 21:16
Country House Blur 21:19
You'll Never Walk Alone Gerry & The Pacemakers 21:24
Smile Like You Mean It The Killers 21:29
Waking Up Elastica 21:35
Sally Cinnamon (Single Mix) The Stone Roses 21:39
Do You Remember The First Time Pulp 21:44
Mrs Robinson Simon and Garfunkel 21:48
Visions Blossoms 21:53