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Duration: 1 Hour

Sun-Dried Sundries

Monday, 12 Feb 2024 - 20:00


Let's explore vintage music from around the world on Sun-Dried Sundries! Each week I'll play a collection of incredible tunes, as well as discuss the intriguing stories that surround them. With a focus on older recordings, I hope to shed some light on obscure artists and their respective genres. 



Naveen Naru


Track Artist Time
Tu Vuo' Fa' L'americano Renato Carosone 20:02
Kai Yone Sonya Timofeeva 20:07
The Dying Cowboy Cisco Houston 20:13
John Henry Cisco Houston & Woody Guthrie 20:17
I Don't Want Your MIllions, Mister (All I Want) The Almanac Singers 20:22
The Sinking of the Reuben James The Almanac Singers 20:25
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad Woody Guthrie 20:29
Passing Through Cisco Houston 20:34
Casi-Casi (Almost-Almost) Suni Paz 20:37
Wildwood Flower The Carter Family 20:42
J'attendrai Tino Rossi 20:46
Shady Grove Jean Ritchie 20:51
Dandelion River Run Mimi and Richard Farina 20:53
Meet Me In the City Junior Kimbrough 20:56