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Duration: 1 Hour

Sun-Dried Sundries

Wednesday, 6 Dec 2023 - 19:00


Let's explore vintage music from around the world on Sun-Dried Sundries! Each week I'll play a collection of incredible tunes, as well as discuss the intriguing stories that surround them. With a focus on older recordings, I hope to shed some light on obscure artists and their respective genres. 



Naveen Naru


Track Artist Time
Royal Garden Blues Benny Goodman Sextet 19:02
Kai Yone Sonya Timofeeva 19:06
Django's Blues Django Reinhardt 19:10
Kipenzi Changu David Nzomo 19:15
Tu Partida Lydia Mendoza 19:19
If the River Was Whiskey Charlie Poole 19:24
Cry Guitar Janis Martin 19:28
St. Louis Blues Frank Ferera 19:32
I Ain't Got Nobody Sol Ho'opi'i 19:36
Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed Blind Willie Johnson 19:40
Mambo Italiano Renato Carosone 19:44
Napule Bella (Beautiful Naples) Unknown 19:49
Pastures of Plenty Woody Guthrie 19:52
Singin' In the Rain Annette Hanshaw 19:56