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Duration: 1 Hour

What's For Tea?

Thursday, 9 Mar 2023 - 21:00


The chaotic, yet whimsical duo Yakov and Joe find themselves back on the airwaves, having not been cancelled by Ofcom (yet). Cultivated with the upmost care, the tunes will funk the funk out of you, and the chat is deplorable, yet delightful. Guests, games and glorious little natters will ensue. We are still hopelessly, desperately curious about your eating habits. follow the insta too, for more curious content. @whatsforteaury



Track Artist Time
Chan Chan Buena Vista Social Club 21:02
Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin 21:07
Kickapoo Tenacious D 21:16
1540 Serma 21:22
Broadway Jungle Toots & The Maytals 21:31
Disorder Joy Division 21:40
Disorder Joy Division 21:40
UGLY slowthai 21:46
Figaro Madvillain 21:50