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Duration: 1 Hour

exams (derogatory)

Tuesday, 24 May 2022 - 15:00


i scheduled this half an hour before it's live on air.

i have an exam tomorrow that i know nothing for.

listen to me go steadily feral :)))



Dizzy Cooper


Track Artist Time
Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver 15:02
Operation: Mindcrime Queensrÿche 15:07
All Too Well (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift 15:14
This Year The Mountain Goats 15:21
Famous Last Words (Album Version) My Chemical Romance 15:31
Mandelbrot Set - [URY Radio Edit] Jonathan Coulton 15:37
Once We Were Kings Company 15:45
Dancing Lasha Tumbai Verka Serduchka 15:53
Curly & Raquel Martha 15:58