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Duration: 1 Hour

Gentrified Kebabs

Wednesday, 25 May 2022 - 22:00


Join Eylem (@itwslv) and Arcin (@arcin.the.pea) on their esoteric (and their maybe insufferable) radio odyssey, guiding your long day's journey into the night, cool and calm as a kebab! 



Track Artist Time
Teppuu Surudoku Natte Number Girl 22:02
I'm Having Sex Tonight GRLwood 22:08
It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a Deathwish My Chemical Romance 22:15
Beautifully Unconventional Wolf Alice 22:24
Freight Yard The Garden 22:28
Dream Girl Evil Florence + the Machine 22:33
Boy Division MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 22:38
HYD [Explicit] Hayley Williams 22:44
The Book Lovers Broadcast 22:49
Say, Can You Hear Men I Trust 22:56