Brunch: Alice and Will's Wiki Wormhole Logo
Duration: 2 Hours

Brunch: Alice and Will's Wiki Wormhole

Wednesday, 25 May 2022 - 11:00


Join Alice and Will as we deep dive into the strangest of Wikipedia articles, and I guess we'll play some music along the way.



Track Artist Time
Happy Together The Turtles 11:08
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 11:24
Man In A Towel Elevator Suite 11:43
Paper Planes M.I.A. 11:56
Road Trippin' Red Hot Chili Peppers 12:15
Too Many Fish in the Sea Bette Midler 12:31
Pillowtalk (Clean) ZAYN 12:47
Rubber Biscuit The Blues Brothers 12:57