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Duration: 1 Hour

Gavolostoke Power Hour

Saturday, 25 Jun 2022 - 21:00


Nomadic travel show. Not associated with the yogurt. The one from WHSmith meal deal fame with the oat clusters and yogg yogg. Like fish and chips without the fish and without the chips. Just salt and vinegar. The soundtrack to the worst Saturday night of your life (every Saturday). Holds the world record for stagnation. Music and chat (like a French cat). British Radio Award winners, Most Stagnant, Most Festering 2020/21, 2021/22. Local tag rugby news one stop shop. Money saving tips (better than Martin Lewis - gourmet ketchup coupons). On a mission to eat a bougie buffet breakfast in every hotel in York (I'm here on official business). You want swanky? We got you covered. Don't try and contact us. We can't let you get close.

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Fraser Masson
J Aitkin


Track Artist Time
Kevin is Gay Giant Drag 21:02
Would You...? Touch & Go 21:14
S'il Vous Plait Otoboke Beaver 21:23
rom com 2004 Soccer Mommy 21:34
Let Me Be With You Round Table 21:46