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Duration: 1 Hour

Not Another Love Song

Friday, 14 Jan 2022 - 18:00


Are you tired of every song being about love and loving other people and relationships that involve love and finding true love and love and stuff?

Us too. 

We are on mission to find songs that aren't about all that sappy stuff and instead about the finer things in life- like Rasputin and your Mum killing a man, you know how it is. 

Join us for some love-free bants, angry discussions about what constitutes a love song from two people who know each other far too well. 



Track Artist Time
Panini Lil Nas X 18:17
Panini Halftime Oranges 18:19
Hot Potato The Wiggles 18:28
Solid Potato Salad Nat King Cole 18:29
Chicken Soup Skrillex and Habstrakt 18:36
The Prawn Song Superorganism 18:43
A Seafood Song The Divine Comedy 18:47
The Ketchup Song Las Ketchup 18:53