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Duration: 1 Hour

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Friday, 21 Jan 2022 - 23:00


James, Jon, & Zoë, & Ron power up to transmit your fix of electronic sounds. James' pure analogue circuitry resonates with rich waveforms and Zoë's  emotionally resonant noise spectra, while Jon's digital CPU calculates precise signal processing chaos. Together they will supercede humanity, assume total control, and ban Oasis covers. 

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Track Artist Time
It Makes No Difference Who We Are Celldweller 23:02
Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way) deadmau5 23:12
Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly) Urbandawn 23:22
Basilisk Fred V & Grafix 23:31
Spider Mastermind Mick Gordon 23:38
Night Hitcher Major Parkinson 23:47
Breaking Point (feat. Robin Adams) Joe Ford & Celldweller 23:54