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Duration: 2 Hours

Alumni Shows: The Grapevine

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021 - 22:00


URY Alumni Elliott returns, feeding you from the grapevine. From sweet, crisp melodies to overly rotten Sauternes, join us for an ecletic mix of tunes and call-ins with old friends and new.



Elliott M


Track Artist Time
Sunndown Bolts 22:04
On Our Hands Suzanne Kraft 22:09
Mountain Brews Mountain Brews 22:13
expanse numun 22:19
Petrol James Massiah 22:25
Steed Malbranque Sweet Embrace 22:27
A. G. Cook - Acid Angel (PixelTwister Remix) PixelTwister 22:33
Afro Mauricien Georges Jean Louis 22:38
Paitice Morita Vargas 22:44
One Thing After Another, Vol. 1 Alpine Communist Orchestra 22:52
Farewell, Star (Moon Street) Tyler Alexander 22:58
Choices on a Piece of Paper Sithu Aye 23:03
√-1 Luca Vincent 23:10
Weltschmerz Bismuth 23:12
Hypochondriac Burden Limbs 23:20
Clockwork Capitalism James Massiah 23:26
The Garden Carla dal Forno 23:27
Summer Dayze braveball (grapesy) 23:32
Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl (Broken Social Scene cover) fielding 23:34
Alright Possum 23:40
craig david - fill me in (versão was fret) Was Fret 23:44
Tuva Talk Special Edition Kongar-ol Ondar and Richard Feynman 23:49
Who Gets The Cows? Dog And Fox 23:54