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Duration: 2 Hours

Alumni Shows: Top 400 Albums of All Time

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021 - 19:00


In 2013 the NME published it's Top 400 albums of all time, Stewart Dennis takes a delve into the greatest records ever made and counts them down. This week it's getting serious as he counts down from 100 to 61.



Stewart Dennis


Track Artist Time
Has It Come to This? The Streets 19:02
Pictures of Me Elliott Smith 19:06
Atlantic City Bruce Springsteen 19:10
Thinkin Bout You Frank Ocean 19:13
Hurricane Bob Dylan 19:21
Ballade de Melody Nelson Serge Gainsbourg 19:25
At the Chime Of A City Clock Nick Drake 19:29
Lovesong The Cure 19:34
Song 2 Blur 19:37
Big Exit PJ Harvey 19:39
The Great Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd 19:43
Beat It Michael Jackson 19:45
Revolution Blues Neil Young 19:50
Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones 19:54
Sabotage Beastie Boys 19:56
The Boy in the Bubble Paul Simon 20:02
Love Less New Order 20:05
Heliosphan Aphex Twin 20:08
Tread Water De La Soul 20:12
Acrylic Afternoons Pulp 20:15
Geno Dexys Midnight Runners 20:19
Valentine's Day ABC 20:22
Black Math (Album Version) The White Stripes 20:26
In Limbo Radiohead 20:29
Duel Of The Iron Mic GZA 20:33
Candy's Room Bruce Springsteen 20:36
Bombtrack Rage Against the Machine 20:39
Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin 20:43
Singapore Tom Waits 20:47
T.V. Eye The Stooges 20:49
Crosstown Traffic The Jimi Hendrix Experience 20:53
It's More Fun To Compute Kraftwerk 20:55