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Duration: 1 Hour

U-Turn of the Century

Sunday, 7 Feb 2021 - 10:00


U-Turn of the Century is a show all about celebrating the music and pop-culture of those times before the milenium. with a timescale of January 1st 1960 to December 31st 1999.

Each episode explores a decade with a selection of songs from a selected musical genre, movie recomendation, album highlight and an amusing news story



Cavan Gilbey


Track Artist Time
James Bond Theme Moby 10:04
From Russia With Love Matt Monro 10:10
Goldfinger Shirley Bassey 10:17
For Your Eyes Only Sheena Easton 10:29
A View to a Kill Duran Duran 10:37
Licence To Kill Gladys Knight 10:46
Goldeneye Tina Turner 10:53