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Duration: 1 Hour

Alumni Shows: Realm of Dusk

Sunday, 28 Feb 2021 - 17:00


Reliving the ethos of the late '80s Indie/Alternative URY show "Realm of Dusk", it's not all Madchester, My Bloody Valentine and The Fall, expect new music and Classic Indie / Alternative form the last 40 years!



Stewart Dennis


Track Artist Time
What it's like to be hated Mansun 17:02
Tunic Sonic Youth 17:06
Bagboy Pixies 17:12
L.A. The Fall 17:18
Tainted Lunch Warmduscher 17:21
I Hate You The Monks 17:24
T.V. Eye The Stooges 17:28
Freak Scene Dinosaur Jr. 17:33
Kings Lead Hat Brian Eno 17:37
Radioactivity (3-D) Kraftwerk 17:41
Hero Neu 17:48
Oh Yeah Can 17:52