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Duration: 2 Hours

Alumni Shows: 33 Years in 2 Hours

Sunday, 25 Oct 2020 - 16:00


Every alternative indie release since 1987, in two hours.
In the 1980s, I committed crimes against music, right here on URY. They've sentenced me to two hours' community service, to put the record straight.
(Sunday 25 October, 4-6pm)



Mike Bond


Track Artist Time
What For James 16:02
Typical Frazier Chorus 16:06
Here's Where The Story Ends The Sundays 16:09
Laura Lush 16:13
Too Many Late Nights The Family Cat 16:16
Now It's Time To Say Goodbye Kitchens Of Distinction 16:20
Glam Rock Cops Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine 16:24
Army Of Me Bjork 16:27
Goodnight Babybird 16:31
Sleep On The Left Side Cornershop 16:34
Push It Garbage 16:37
Dead from the waist down Catatonia 16:41
Stupidly Happy XTC 16:45
Crystal New Order 16:48
Finisterre Saint Etienne 16:51
Pain Killer Turin Brakes 16:55
Little Sister Rufus Wainwright 17:02
Leaders Of The Free World Elbow 17:05
North American Scum LCD Soundsystem 17:09
You've No Clue Do You King Creosote 17:13
True Love Will Find You in the End Headless Heroes 17:17
Trading Things In The Voluntary Butler Scheme 17:20
Let England Shake PJ Harvey 17:23
Goldstar Cashier No 9 17:26
Myth Beach House 17:30
Flexxin Dutch Uncles 17:35
Kill the Fun Haley Bonar 17:38
Distant Past Everything Everything 17:41
Disappointed Field Music 17:45
Closer Rose Elinor Dougall 17:48
Swing Shut Rozi Plain 17:52
Repetition Ride 17:56