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If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late Logo
Duration: 1 Hour

If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late

Sunday, 19 Jan 2020 - 16:00


Get ready for some proper serious tuneage! 

Ever felt a connection to a song? Want tunes experimental, classic or sometimes long? Or do 'deep cuts' let you relax? Or simply want to find the right track to change a lightbulb to (you heard right)?!

We're all about finding music we hope you find great.

Join us every week to delve into the depths behind some quality music, listen to some worthy (or questionable...) anecdotes, and share your opinions and tastes with us too! 

So - kick back after your Sunday roast, get that open fire crackling in the background and tune in to If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late!

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Track Artist Time
Deadcrush alt-J 16:02
Somebody Else Circa Waves 16:08
Pushing Too Hard Free Love 16:15
B.H.S. Sleaford Mods 16:22