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Duration: 1 Hour


Saturday, 27 Apr 2019 - 10:00


DISCussions is a show all about the music, whether it be old or new, indie or pop, I'll be discussing my favourite tracks in detail and exploring how they have impacted music and culture.



Bethan Davis


Track Artist Time
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles 10:06
Popscene Blur 10:08
Popscene Blur 10:11
Popscene Blur 10:14
The Air That I Breathe The Hollies 10:17
Sonnet The Verve 10:21
Sonnet The Verve 10:26
Sonnet The Verve 10:30
Hush (Remastered) Deep Purple 10:32
The Only One I Know The Charlatans 10:35
The Only One I Know The Charlatans 10:39
Tired of Waiting for You (Mono Mix) The Kinks 10:41
She's So High Blur 10:44
She's So High Blur 10:47