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Duration: 1 Hour


Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 - 23:00


Possibly insightful and entertaining conversation with possibly listenable music from Rosemary and George. We realised we had no social lives to speak of and thought radio would be a fun idea because at least we can hide in a confined room for an hour that isn't one of our own bedrooms. 



George Wayne


Rosemary Evans


Track Artist Time
Thème de Yoyo Art Ensemble of Chicago 22:52
This Too Shall Pass Danny Schmidt 23:03
Idea of Order at Kyson Point Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno 23:11
Piggy Nine Inch Nails 23:23
Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground 23:35
A Mouth Full of Dirt Leeched 23:42
Wandering Star Portishead 23:47
The Warmth I Searched For A Cerulean State 23:54