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Duration: 1 Hour


Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 - 22:00


The music played on this show is usually experimental in at least one dimension (but is not confined to this fairly uninformative tag), and as much as possible travels to you from a record or from a tape.



Luke Cowan


Track Artist Time
Tom Zé 22:02
Love Is Everywhere Pharoah Sanders 22:06
Metamusicians' Stomp Andrew Cyrille with Teddy Daniel, Nick Di Geronimo, David S. Ware 22:11
Nguri, musique du nguri Ensemble Artistique du Palais de Foumban 22:17
Only Loved at Night The Raincoats 22:21
DJ Rattle 22:25
Nuba 1 Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee, Jimmy Lyons 22:37
Danse des princes et princesses de la famille royale Louis Joos 22:44
We Travel the Spaceways Sun Ra 22:49