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Duration: 1 Hour


Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019 - 22:00


The music played on this show is usually experimental in at least one dimension (but is not confined to this fairly uninformative tag), and as much as possible travels to you from a record or from a tape.



Luke Cowan


Track Artist Time
Changes David Bowie 21:54
Visiting Hours J Goldwater 22:02
Parade Bedhead 22:06
Return From The Ice Acetone 22:10
Fearless Pink Floyd 22:15
Mr London Jakey Oon 22:20
Moving Up Country, Roaring the Gospel James Yorkston and the Athletes 22:25
Truth Serum Smog 22:29
Topical Solution Duster 22:36
Germs Acetone 22:41
I Know That There Is Someone Owen Kennedy 22:46
Germs Acetone 22:46
Come Andy Play In The Milky Night Stereolab 22:48
Come Andy Play In The Milky Night Stereolab 22:53