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Duration: 1 Hour

Still Buzzing

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 - 08:00


Deep in the data mines, URY engineering team work tirelessly, chained to their stations. A shadow falls over the lost souls, as a crooked finger points to a boy, merely a child. This child, our hero, is taken to a room of dials and cables and bars on the windows and forced to... Make a morning radio show designed to wake you up for a productive day!



Thomas Burroughs


Track Artist Time
Behind Blue Eyes The Who 08:02
Crazy Gnarls Barkley 08:06
Take on Me Ninja Sex Party 08:11
Careless Whisper George Michael 08:17
Hold On Hot Chip 08:22
Short Circuit Daft Punk 08:30
Flyswatter Eels 08:34
Does Everyone Stare (Remastered 2003) The Police 08:39
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 08:43
I'm so bored with the U.S.A. The Clash 08:47
Money Mystery Skulls 08:50
Leave It In My Dreams The Voidz 08:55