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Duration: 1 Hour

Cream Cheese

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 - 22:00


Cream Cheese - crème de la crème of cheesy music! Kaja and Chris explore wild genre of cheesy music. Join them during this upbeat extravaganza while they judge hits based on the dance-inducing capabilities.



Track Artist Time
Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus 22:03
What I Go To School For Busted 22:07
Stacy's Mom Fountains of Wayne 22:12
Does Your Mother Know ABBA 22:16
Sk8er Boi Avril Lavigne 22:21
Kids MGMT 22:26
Breaking Free High School Musical cast 22:30
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith 22:32
Gotta Go My Own Way High School Musical All Stars 22:37
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie Baccara 22:42
Axel F (from "Beverly Hills Cop") Harold Faltermeyer 22:47