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Duration: 1 Hour

Still Buzzing

Saturday, 3 Feb 2018 - 08:00


Deep in the data mines, URY engineering team work tirelessly, chained to their stations. A shadow falls over the lost souls, as a crooked finger points to a boy, merely a child. This child, our hero, is taken to a room of dials and cables and bars on the windows and forced to... Make a morning radio show designed to wake you up for a productive day!



Thomas Burroughs


Track Artist Time
Minor Swing Django Reinhardt & Django Reinhardt and His Orchestra 08:03
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand 08:07
High Life Daft Punk 08:12
Carnival (feat. Anthony Hamilton) Gorillaz 08:17
The Way Home Magic Sword 08:20
Acceptable in the 80's Calvin Harris 08:27
Golden Brown The Stranglers 08:34
Walkin' JerryTerry 08:38
Going Out Of My Head Fatboy Slim 08:40
Remember When Halfnoise 08:46
Dragons Caravan Palace 08:49
Jump Up, Super Star! The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis 08:55