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Duration: 1 Hour

The Conti1ity Hour

Monday, 27 Nov 2017 - 14:00


Neave and Will, collegues in Film and Television try to spend the hour talking about anything but the course that they are doing. Tune in for a variety of music and ever-changing topics as they try to be as un-continuituos  as humanly possible. 



Track Artist Time
Stop The Cavalry Jona Lewie 13:58
Don't Stop Believin' Journey 14:02
Absolutely Smitten dodie 14:08
Oh Woman, Oh Man (Radio Edit) London Grammar 14:15
5AM Amber Run 14:20
Home Daughter 14:32
Some Nils Frahm 14:40
Some Nils Frahm 14:41
Some Nils Frahm 14:44
Some Nils Frahm 14:48
Drive Oh Wonder 14:50
Find Me Sigma featuring Birdy 14:56