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Fortissimo  Logo
Duration: 1 Hour


Saturday, 4 Nov 2017 - 23:00


'Fortissimo' - Very loud. 
Anything above 80dB is pretty acceptable here so prepare to turn your speakers up to 11 and lets dance. 

The following show is accompanied by 'The Groove' which is mainly centered around jazz, indie, classical.



Joe Butler


Track Artist Time
Let There Be Light - Cross Justice 23:13
Violent Shiver Benjamin Booker 23:18
Buck Rogers Feeder 23:22
Ghetto Burnin' Phonat 23:26
What Went Down - Foals Foals 23:32
King Nun - Tulip King Nun 23:39
Halcyon Days Two Gallants 23:42
Girl Band - Lawman Lawman 23:47