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Duration: 3 Hours

BAFTA 2017 Live

Sunday, 12 Feb 2017 - 18:00


Tags: film



Track Artist Time
The Return Of The King Howard Shore 18:03
Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede 18:25
Circle of Life Disney 18:38
A Hard Day's Night The Beatles 18:42
Skyfall Adele 19:02
Wake Up Boo! The Boo Radleys 19:42
Can't Stop The Feeling! Justin Timberlake 20:11
You're Welcome Dwayne Johnson 20:18
A.H.B. SURVIVE 20:29
Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30: I. Introduction (Film: 2001 Space Odessy) Pretoria Philharmonic Orchestra & Maurice F. Hentschel 20:37
I'll Be There For You The Rembrandts 20:39
What Is and What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin 20:45