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Duration: 1 Hour

Rhythm Roulette

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016 - 23:00


Welcome to Rhythm Roulette, the show that explores different areas of electronic and experimental music in the form of an hour in the mix. In this four episode season, we'll be taking a dive through the genres of UK bass house, German techno, experimental hip hop and groove house with your DJ Arun Kakar. 

Run Down of each episode:

1: UK Bass House

Bass music's popularity has seen a resurgence in 2015, following hotly off the heels of its cousin grime which enjoyed a huge year in the mainstrean. This agressive interpretation of familiar house music conventions lends towards a hype inducing combination of brittle percussion, speedy BPM's and of course a lot of bass. Over the hour I'll be playing some tracks old and new that have found prominence within the scene.

2: German Techno

Finding a larger following as it expands across the worlds' festivals and clubs; the pulsating, grinding techno of Germany has achieved a status of being an artisan's dancefloor sound. From the titans of Klock, Dettmann, Ame, and Dixon among others who have brought this sound around the world to the countless number of tracks being churned out online and vinyl, this hour attmepts to ge a grip on the distinctive sound that continues to grow and innovate.

3: Groove House

This is another cousin of house, albeit a lot softer, intricate and occasionaly mellow. Stemming from roots in vinyl where it occasionally remains, groove borrows from a vaiety of genre's imclding ainly jazz and blues which it infuses into a percussive, layered, often psychedelic sound that continues to find followers. Over this hour, there'll be a mixture of the really dusty, smoky records to the more refined sounds of the disco-influenced side of the genre

4: Experimental Hip Hop

It can be argued that all hip hop is experimental, but this hour aims to focus on the undeground hip hop that there is so much of around the internet. We'll be digging deep to find the obscure twists that many artists have chosen to take on the genre, particualry in a more electronic direction which wi.l be explored over this hour. 



Arun Kakar


Track Artist Time
Conclusion came to you parts one and two mixed Auji 23:03
Sinai Hypnosis Dorisburg 23:13
Untouchable Mountain Range 23:19
Spin Hentrik Bergqvist 23:22
Mas profundo Que mis pies Ricardo Villalobos Max Loderbaur 23:26
The Wind Lo Shea 23:31
It's all in your mind Lo Shea RMX Dan Shea 23:34
Deep Inside Uto Karem 23:39
Portal 7 Vril 23:40
OK Ben Klock 23:44
Viscoplastic Ben Klock 23:49
A Matter of Time Marcel Dettmann RMX Dillon 23:55