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Duration: 1 Hour

The Apeeling Show

Monday, 8 Feb 2016 - 22:00


Playing the best (as defined by the presenter) unsigned artists & groups from the York area, as well as occasionally dipping into the presenters and/or guests favourite music.



James O'Keeffe


Track Artist Time
Smile The Franceens 22:04
Dead Generation The Carnival Rejects 22:10
Spin The Franceens 22:15
Trigger The Franceens 22:27
F.O.78 (NNY) Sherbet Flies 22:29
Blue Suzy Bradley 22:35
Wiener Boy Fat Spatula 22:38
Give It All To Me Hypnotic Eye 22:42
Histamine Eugene Gorgeous 22:46
Mr Snitch Fat Spatula 22:49
Snowy Nights Sherbet Flies 22:52
Dust To Dust Suzy Bradley 22:55