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Duration: 2 Hours

URY:PM The Music Team Show

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015 - 19:00


My first PM show !!!! this Wednesday I'll try my best to entertain in the absence of my STYCs K-Spence and Charlotte.

The whole of the music team will be there to discuss the future of music at URY.

We've got a lot of stuff linned up, a band performance, an interview, and much much more :-)



Track Artist Time
The Hit (feat. Ninja Sex Party) TWRP 19:04
Little Monster Royal Blood 19:11
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 19:16
Mark the graves Linkin Park 19:22
stay with me kareoke Sam smith 19:25
Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi 19:30
Map of the Problematique Muse 19:35
Best of You Foo Fighters 19:47
Avalanche Bring Me the Horizon 20:25
stay with me kareoke Sam smith 20:41