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Duration: 1 Hour


Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015 - 15:00


Topic is an exotic fusion of Big Ideas, most directly from their owners, and modern electronic music. We'll be chatting about whether we can replace liberty with security, whether we're alone in the universe, and what, if anything, is the nature of the soul, interspersed with some brilliant new artists representing a complete spectrum of modern music, from EDM to singer-songwriter pop. It's a great mix of light hearts and big brains, we hope you can join us!



Oliver Wilson


Track Artist Time
Outro M83 15:06
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide David Bowie 15:10
Creep Radiohead 15:28
Nice Day for a Sulk Belle and Sebastian 15:32
Time to Pretend MGMT 15:44
No Surprises Radiohead 15:48