Into the Void IV: The Fourth Unleashed Logo
Duration: 1 Hour

Into the Void IV: The Fourth Unleashed

Sunday, 1 Mar 2015 - 18:00


Rock music show exploring psychedelic, stoner, doom, heavy rock, sludge, post landscapes, progressive and experimental vibes and the underground in general,guided by the worship of The Riff. 

Often including special guests and acoustic mini-gigs live in the studio.



Andreas Mantziris


Track Artist Time
Blaze Zarelli 17:56
Into the Void Black Sabbath 18:01
I Got Your Back Phase Reverse 18:07
Line Nightstalker 18:11
The carnival is over (cover Dead Can Dance) - Red House Studio - Thessaloniki Craang 18:16
The Great Dandolos Planet Of Zeus 18:20
The Unhallowed Spine Chilling Breeze 18:25
Karia Poutses Mple 18:29
Smoked Up Notes Tuber 18:32
Krasi Villagers of Ioannina City 18:39
Vidage 1000mods 18:45
Toxoma vaftike kafe Plokami tou Karxaria 18:54