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What’s For Christmas?


If you were expecting your bogstandard Christmas special show, you'd be dead wrong. Listen to some history students unwrap the not-so-jolly past of Christmas, with the usual raucous antics you know and love from What's For Tea? as well as games, quizes and guests, it's gonna be a cracker. A Christmas cracker. A quacker? sorry. 



Yakov Boani

Event Manager

Joe Brearley

Executive Teaboy

Alexandra Pullen


Tolan Enderby

Voice Actor

James Taylor

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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
24333 1. Dec 2022 1
24870 2. Dec 2023 1

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SeasonID Season Episode Broadcast Time
24333 1 1. Friday, 2 Dec 2022 at 14:00
24870 2 1. Thursday, 14 Dec 2023 at 14:00