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The URY Pantomime 2016: Beauty and the Beast


This year, URY takes on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, adding their own unique spin, awful jokes and all-round silliness. Narrated by Special Celebrity Guest Gareth Jones from How 2, Tommorow's World and Gareth Jones on Speed. Join us, then as we give you the best Pantomime you'll hear this year. Oh no you won't, oh yes we will!

Written by Joseph Willis (Narration and Plot), Adam Brain and Stephen Clarke (Scene 1) , Naomi Gildert (Scene 2), Chris Taylor and Kaja Harton (Scene 3), Will Matlock (Scene 4), Danni Boxall (Scene 5), Beth Prior and Georgie Norgate (Scene 6), Peter Rogers (Scene 7)



Joseph Willis


Joseph Willis

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