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Seasons: 4
Episodes: 26

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Utterly unecessary yet brilliantly bizarre - the 'Late Breakfast' returns. The Late Breakfast is a mixture of killer tunes (when we figure out how to play them) with cutting-edge dialogue to match. We like to think we're funny, but we're fully prepared to accept we're not. Packed full of wacky guests and pointless featurettes, there is no stone we leave unturned, no bird un...stoned and, well you get the idea. Bottom line - we're fun, eclectic with a serious love of all kinds of music thrown in! If that isn't enough, we have our very own Leprechaun - beat that.



Michael Thackray

URY On Tap

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SeasonID Season First Episode Episodes
20054 1. Jan 2007 9
20055 2. Jan 2007 8
20056 3. May 2007 8
20057 4. Apr 2007 1

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