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Welcome to the show database. Since 1967 ((ury)) have seen hundreds of unique shows catering for all tastes, whether it be contemporary music, radio drama, specialist music, current events, campus coverage or even comedy. This part of our website contains information about shows both current and since online show records began, complete with information on when they went out, who made them and (where possible) related media and information.

Now On Air


Victoria Seveno and Jack Rewcroft

Showtime has moved to PM, now bringing you 2 hours of musical brilliance with Jack, Victoria and some very special guests!

  1. URY Music: Interviews

    Mariella Bevan

    The Music Team's Best Interviews from throughout the year!

    URY Music: Interviews

    Submitted Tuesday, 19th June 2018 at 19:52

  2. Linoleum

    Huw Christianson

    Be pretentious with Huw and listen to entire show on vinyl pulled out of URY's arguably excessive collection.


    Submitted Monday, 18th June 2018 at 16:06

  3. Can’t get no Satisfaction

    Victoria Seveno

    Old friends reminisce about the good old days and play some smashing tunes

    Can’t get no Satisfaction

    Submitted Saturday, 16th June 2018 at 15:44

  4. URY:PM - Two Awkward: Most Awkward

    Kirsty Taylor


    URY:PM - Two Awkward: Most Awkward

    Submitted Wednesday, 13th June 2018 at 16:51

  5. URY Brunch: Roku Radio's Curtain Call

    Naomi Gildert, Kat Young and Will Batchelor

    All good things come to an end. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for the final time as we say goodbye to Roku Radio and look back on four years of bad links, dubious song choices and bagel talk. There will be tears. 

    URY Brunch: Roku Radio's Curtain Call

    Submitted Monday, 11th June 2018 at 09:54

  6. Joel, Frost, Zac and Josh

    Joel Mitchell

    Zac and Josh always work well together, Joel and Frost want to work well together.... but before the end lf the year, can all 4 of them work well together?! 

    Joel, Frost, Zac and Josh

    Submitted Sunday, 10th June 2018 at 11:09

  7. That OB from....

    Isaac Lowe

    In order too justify the vast expense of time, effort, and finances I have invested on my long range wifi antenna. I'm going to be doing a series of random outside broadcasts from locations in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how well I set up my kit, there may even be music and live interviews over skype/my mobile. Feel free too enable my eccentricities by listening.

    That OB from....

    Submitted Saturday, 9th June 2018 at 11:50

  8. URY:PM - Jed's Dead, Baby, Jed's Dead

    Jed Fulwell, Jed Fulwell and Jed Fulwell

    Whose TV show is this? It's a radio, baby. Whose radio is this? Jeds. Who's Jed? Jeds dead baby, Jeds dead. *Radio show revs and pulls away*  

    URY:PM - Jed's Dead, Baby, Jed's Dead

    Submitted Thursday, 7th June 2018 at 17:26

  9. URY:PM Into the Void IV

    Andreas Mantziris

    Rock music show exploring psychedelic, stoner, doom, heavy rock, sludge, post landscapes, progressive and experimental vibes and the underground in general,guided by the worship of The Riff.  Often including special guests and acoustic mini-gigs live in the studio.

    URY:PM Into the Void IV

    Submitted Thursday, 7th June 2018 at 09:42

  10. URY Speech presents: Technophobia

    Beth Wiffen

    The Speech teams latest radio drama Technophobia (written by Joe Dolan) is an emotive and intense listen, which questions the costs of technological advancement in our society, and the impact it may have on us in the future.

    URY Speech presents: Technophobia

    Submitted Friday, 1st June 2018 at 08:30

  11. DramaSoc Presents: Radio Plays

    Eleanor Hibbert

    DramaSoc's attempt at producing Radio Plays! 

    DramaSoc Presents: Radio Plays

    Submitted Thursday, 31st May 2018 at 14:58

  12. Alumni Takeover: Richard Thompson

    Richard Thompson

    Former URY presenter Richard Thompson returns for a one-off special show. One half of the 'Andew and Geordie Bloke' duo reminisces about his time at URY and the university from 1998-2002.

    Alumni Takeover: Richard Thompson

    Submitted Monday, 28th May 2018 at 11:13

  13. Up Late Funkin'

    Will Matlock

    Funkin' around before I graduate - join me for the likes of James Brown, Bette Davis and Bootsy Collins.

    Up Late Funkin'

    Submitted Sunday, 27th May 2018 at 21:29

  14. The Ultimate Catchy Chune!

    Charlotte Frost, Joshua Ferris, Tom Bellis and Tom Bellis

    Join Tom, Charlotte and Josh for The Ultimate Catchy Chune! 

    The Ultimate Catchy Chune!

    Submitted Saturday, 26th May 2018 at 12:02

  15. URY:PM - Bangers and Banter with Hannah

    Hannah 'Small Ears' Sackville-Bryant

    Hannah brings you bangin’ tunes and banter for you to start your day with a smile on your face. With special features such as “Sibling Wars”, “Are you in or are you out of bed?” and “Poo On The Shoe”.

    URY:PM - Bangers and Banter with Hannah

    Submitted Friday, 25th May 2018 at 22:07

  16. URY Presents: Taking Out the Trash 2018

    Victoria Seveno

    Join us as we put ourselves in the bin before we leave URY for good!

    URY Presents: Taking Out the Trash 2018

    Submitted Thursday, 24th May 2018 at 21:58

  17. REVISE

    Will Batchelor

    Revise with Will Batchelor, some chill tunes to get your nerdy vibes flowing.


    Submitted Thursday, 24th May 2018 at 14:36

  18. Late Night Castle Sessions

    Jamie Thomson

    Like Castle Sessions but late at night

    Late Night Castle Sessions

    Submitted Saturday, 19th May 2018 at 20:31

  19. Tom's Exam Open Season

    Thomas Burroughs

    Tom decides the only way to get himself to correct his sleep schedule and get any actual revision done is to do, like, a lot of radio at unreasonable times. Listen in for a man pretending everything's okay while his academic world threatens to completely shatter around him! Also music!

    Tom's Exam Open Season

    Submitted Saturday, 19th May 2018 at 11:34

  20. Let's Just Stay In

    Alex Kneller

    Got no big plans? Sit back, relax and tune in to Alex Kneller playing you a smooth mix of oldies including soul, funk, jazz and easy listening, a perfect accompaniment to your quiet night in.

    Let's Just Stay In

    Submitted Thursday, 17th May 2018 at 01:07