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Election Year - UK General Election (BONUS INTERVIEW EDITION!)

Tuesday, 2 Jul 2024


On this bonus edition of Election Year we zoom back across to our (university) 'hometown', York, and chat to York Central Labour Candidate Rachael Maskell as she prepares for the July 4th Election Day! 

DISCLAIMER: We attempted to contact all YORK CENTRAL candidates for interview. Also running in YORK CENTRAL are Cliff Bond (reform), Richard William Hudson (Conservative), Roger James (Independent), Ruairi Kendall (Independent), Lars Kramm (Greens), Alasdair Lord (Independent), Leo Otis Mayne (Independent), Alan Page (Liberal Democrat). 

Election Year is a new podcast dedicated to discussing global elections in 2024 - the biggest year for democracy in history. With over half the planet's population heading to the polls, we will be discussing elections from across the globe and considering where the future of democracy might turn next. 

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