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Jodie Langford and Endoflevelbaddie

Tuesday, 21 May 2024


Jodie Langford began her career as an unapologetically Northern spoken word artist with a unique, passionate message who quickly became the go-to voice for the youth within her hometown of Hull, exposing the injustice and plight of young people across the city and further across the nation. Coupled with her unique voice comes an incredible talent to turn observations of the world around her and her personal experiences into relatable, dry and often funny lyrical content that tackles everything from downing pints, dead-end jobs and the government’s treatment of young people to more personal relationship issues.

Jodie continues to write new music in her unique way, working closely with her producer/DJ Endoflevelbaddie to carve a sound that darts between thrashing Post Punk sensibilities, fevered Techno rhythms and filthy Drum & Bass chaos.
She's never afraid to expose herself or call out the powers that be and has become a force of nature when she performs live, providing audiences with ferocious, confident, thought-provoking shows and has been described as one of Hull’s best new artists to keep an eye on. Scott performs with Scott aka Endoflevelbaddie.

Jodie said, ‘I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Reading & Leeds festival line up. I’ve seen some of my favourite bands perform at the festival when I attended as a teenager, so it already holds precious memories. This opportunity proves to my younger self that the belief and the graft is worth it, and that I do deserve a place in this industry amongst all of the other talent out there. I also get to represent my hometown, Hull, with one of my favourite people EVER, Endoflevelbaddie!’

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