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s3, ep 6: Silver Linings Logo

s3, ep 6: Silver Linings

Monday, 27 Jun 2022


On this final episode of caretoshare we interview a very special guest who went viral on TikTok for posting her experience with cancer as a young adult. Based in New York and currently in her final stages of treatment, Arise Rombotis shares her story with us detailing everything from the early days of diagnosis to coping with a new body image. We know that not everyone will approach cancer in the same way, but Arsie's positive outlook was something that we believe could be very useful for many; Arsie saw cancer as something to be challenged, defeated and overcome. We spoke about Arise back in 2021 when we first noticed her presence on TikTok and so felt that this interview would be a perfect finale to the incredible journey caretoshare has taken. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did and stay tuned to see what the future holds for caretoshare!

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