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Episode 2: Arthouse Science-Fiction Logo

Episode 2: Arthouse Science-Fiction

Sunday, 23 May 2021


We're back again to invade your earholes with some chat about the cinema, and speaking of invasions (although of a more extra-terrestrial variety) the boys this time will be delving into some of those sci-fi movies that are profound, arty, weird and all around not what you expect to see from the likes of Star Wars. With musings on what makes a sci-fi film specifically an arthouse sci-fi movie, some top picks which range from disturbing Japanese body-horror to Sam Rockwell living on the moon, as well some discussion on the films which just get it a bit wrong.

So set those phasers to fun (you can't imagine how much I hate myself for righting that bit) and get ready to once again savor A Good Bit of Kino.

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