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Hey there! I am a weird internet-loving kind of person who [as you can tell by the clause before] spends far too much time behind a monitor. This does however lead to me having a few... well rarer skills picked up over time. See while I never got into coding I instead was much more interested in the creative world out there. This is kind of counter intuitive for the electronic engineering degree I am taking! With this I managed to pick up skills from photoshop and 3d modeling to managing servers for games and making them all jell together. (( and I play far too much Minecraft, even to date... ))

Though that is probably fairly boring, my interaction with the real world is fun! Hell, the weekend before freshers week began I climbed Mt Snowdon with my dad! Mind, by climbing I mean scrambling a way up it and complaining that the clouds had rolled in, but I made it to the precarious peak of that mountain! (( I do mean it with precarious... The platform has a radius of 1 meter and there were at least 10 to 15 people plus dogs there! )). What's more is that I have sunk many years into the Scouting orginisation. From camping, kayaking, rock climbing, laser tag. You name it, so much stuff I have done and it has been fun! So yeah I have been around.

So what does all that conclude me to be? Well I don't really know, I am a nerd who loves science far too much who also goes and adventures from time to time. I spent the past Sunday just exploring the walls of York for the fun of it (( There are so many beautiful and quiet places there... And I never realised the cathedral was so big! )) soo yeah!

To who ever is reading this, have a great day/night/drink!


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