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Hi! I'm Cat Soave, Head of News and Sport for URY. I'm in charge of anything related to News and Sport content and production. Together with my amazing team, we present the weekly News Hour, as well as the Sports Hour too! If you ever hear news being read live from the studio, it's probably me. If you have any news stories, or simply want to get involved with the News and Sport team, email me via: 

I'm the co-host of URY Brunch: With Peter and Cat, and I do a music show all about the noughties. 


  • News Editor - from 13 Oct 2014 to 3 Nov 2014
  • News Editor - from 10 Nov 2014 to 1 Jun 2015
  • Head of News and Sport - from 1 Jun 2015 to 2 Nov 2015
  • Head of News and Sport - from 9 Nov 2015 to 16 May 2016


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