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Hey! :) 
I'm a fun loving guy, who likes quiet nights in, candle lit dinners, and long walks on the beach under the stars. Radio is also alright I spose. 
I used to be in charge of all of URY's tech stuff, so if you need a hand feel free to give me a shout. I'm not anymore so feel free to set it on fire if you so wish (but seriously no pls don't do that, that would be the worst).


  • Chief Engineer - from 2 Jun 2014 to 3 Nov 2014
  • Chief Engineer - from 10 Nov 2014 to 2 Nov 2015
  • Assistant Head of Production - from 9 Nov 2015 to 31 Oct 2016
  • Treasurer - from 7 Nov 2016 to 22 May 2017


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