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Eyup, I'm Charlie, a first year environmental geography student, so basically a nature nerd and tree hugger.

I am URY's current head of marketing, so if you require any branding for your show, come to me for it to be sorted. Just as it always has been, marketing is one of those teams that never seems busy because everything happens behind the scenes and our work doesn't show until the last minute, so if you're wanting to have an image built for a show, I request that you give me at least a 3 days notice. If you give me less, I'll probably still do it but just be a bit grumpy.

If you ever want to hear me on the airwaves, I do a speialist music show called Bonkers Conkers, focusing around punk, rock, and indie, and a breakfast show called Bonkers Breakfast, which is basically the same music, but with a sprinkling of other genres are added too, such as the occasional blues, jazz, or bedroom pop song.

Listen to my Magnum Opus here:

Hello GARRY here just letting everyone know that Charlie forgets to sign out of MyRadio. Please send Charlie all your marketing requests, he is definitely not too busy.


  • Head of Marketing - since 6 Mar 2023


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