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Michael Grace


Hey, I'm Michael, I've always been bad at writing descriptions. My GCSE English proves that. I'm currrently URY's Programme Controller, and ex-OB Coordinator, so if you want to get a new show going, feel free to drop me or production team a message. I'm also on computing team and you can hear my voice in the chaos of computing.doRadioShow(); on Wednesday afternoons. Oh, yeah, and I do a solo show, The Film Score, which is sometime on Fridays, where we listen to music from films, some of the most underapreciated but well known pieces. I sound like I don't know when it is, because I don't. I know URY's schedule, just not my own one.


  • OB Coordinator - from 3 Feb 2020 to 24 Feb 2020
  • Programme Controller - since 2 Mar 2020


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