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Classics For Dummies
A beginners' guide to listening to classical music. What are the warbling women always singing about? Why do orchestras always take themselves so seriously? What's so special about Beethoven? All these questions answered and more! Featuring all the big names like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, but also a few lesser-known treasures.
Fun times with Fran and Chris
Why so serious?
This show aims to get rid of those essay and exam blues. After all, it's summertime and therefore time to relax, smile & have fun!
Midnight With Retrospectre
My god? Are you still awake!? You should cure that with an hour of Din and Matt, featuring old music, old jokes and tired yawnings.
Oh God No It's Retrospectre Again
Old music; old jokes; new year; a truly exquisite experience guaranteed. Formerly the University Computer Recycling Project semi-official radio show!
The best in brand new music from just about any genre. Great tunes. Interesting chat. Average banter. Special guests. Why on earth wouldn't you listen?.
The Return of TinPot Radio
Well now... It's that time of year again. The most epic week of Autumn Term has come round once more. The thrills, the sights, the sounds, the fit room mates, the cracking good times, the unchartable awsomeness and the alcoholic consumption of freshers week cannot be explained all in one sentence. So thats why we're putting on a radio show for all you lovely lovely people out there... So join Will, John and Vicky as they bring back last years much loved TinPot Radio. Tune is for some sweet sweet tunage, some chortling laughs, some inuendo, so lude quizzes and loads of general radio sexyness.... genuinely better than sex!!!.
URY LUNCH: Off The Cuff
Some say we're the force behind why babies cry. Others say we shot JFK. When we debuted our show to a worldwide audience 2 years ago, we shook the fabric of the cosmos. We're the notorious Off The Cuff, and we make it our weekly mission to push back the boundaries of modern radio entertainment. If you want presenters who are passionate about rock music and have a grudge against more people than Hitler, you've come to the right place.
What's New?
The best in brand new music from just about any genre, plus reviews, news and previews of new films, gigs and other fun stuff happening in York and the rest of the world. Great tunes. Interesting chat. Average banter. Special guests. Why on earth wouldn't you listen?.
You are, why?
New tunes, alternative classics. Weekly guests. Expect average word play and great music.
Indie-Go Breakfast Special

Has Fresher's week made you tired? Hungover? Vomiting into your bedsheets, wondering why, oh god why, you got yourself in this dour predicament? If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you might actually be awake enough to listen to the Indie-Go Breakfast Special at 10AM this Thursday. We'll be serving up a full English of rock and indie sausage, with a squirt of Entertainment Ketchup, topped off with... er... fried egg something. I dunno, don't do metaphors.

Matt Windsor's Entirely New-Music Based Radio Show

Matt from Retrospectre! does an hour of music released this year, for a challenge.

My BiG FaT GreeK ShoW

Have you ever wondered why Greeks like saying “opa” all the time, or why do Italians like coffee so much? This show will be smashing or establishing sterotypes from all over the world. It will feature international guests, who will give a deeper insight on how it really is to live in different countries. More interesting topics will be discussed as well, which will be voted by the listeners. So don't hesitate, give it a listen :D

Just Keep Talking with Emma Cotterill

Just Keep Talking is THE new radio chat show, bringing you gossip from around campus and answering your burning questions, such as: "why do the geese hate us so much?" or "what makes a York BNOC unique?" Featuring amusing snippets including "Embarassing Stories from The Porters" and "Campus's Smartest - Named and Shamed", this show is designed to bring you the best of student life. We will have regular guests appearances - after all, didn't you always wonder why lecturers bother to teach in fresher's week? Or what the college chairs were thinking when they allowed those beeping kitchen doors to be installed? Tune in to experience York as you've never seen it before!

URY Movember: The MO-Files

A round up of all things MO! An update on how we are getting on with the challenge and with fundraising, and some stories and information about why we are doing this! If you want to donate, then please do so at: http://moteam.co/university-radio-york also to find out more about movember, see https://uk.movember.com/about/foundation


((We are Y)) Why? We don't know. It's Punny. Join Ben, Will and "occasional attendee" Thomas Beresford Smart (TBS 5000) for some nonsensical amusement and some fantastic tunes.

Why Not?

Music and conversation with Bethany and Patrick. We can talk about anything and everything because Why not?

Breakfast Batch

Join Will Batchelor as he starts your day with a yawn, questioning why on a day where he could have a lie in he chose to do a breakfast show.  Get going with some up beat bangers to try and make you leave the comfort of your bed and got on with another day of life.

Sick Tunes

I know that my idea of sick tunes will be different to your sick tunes. So why don't we educate each other?! Get in touch and request some 00s and 90s hits, or some more recent tracks, to perk up everyone's weekend! 

Bringing back some classic songs that are too cheesy to be forgotten. Tune in for some great chat and nostalgia with Clark Brydon each week.


My latest favo(u)rites + why I love them

That OB from....

In order too justify the vast expense of time, effort, and finances I have invested on my long range wifi antenna. I'm going to be doing a series of random outside broadcasts from locations in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how well I set up my kit, there may even be music and live interviews over skype/my mobile. Feel free too enable my eccentricities by listening.

That Show Your Dad Likes

Does your dad love reading Amazon reviews? Forum posts about different Black and Decker drills? Well he might love this show! As we delve into the most banal corners of the internet to try and find some hidden meaning to everything. Failing this, we'll at least know the best way to make pancakes.  Weekly guests based on no logic at all, no format week to week beyond a theme we will decide in the moment. This will be the best worst thing you've ever listened to.  

Tracks of our week

Join James, a guest, and the tracks that are get them through the week - finding out why they're special to them along the way. 

Forenoon Fire Up!

Does your morning leave you feeling frazzled? Does it feel more like a Fried-day?

Now back on with the best of my recommendations and the worst of my on-air radio voice (because yes, I'm just as fried as you are).




URY Breakfast: It's Starting To Dawn On Me

It's starting to dawn on me... what a terrible idea doing a bumper 2 hour breakfast show is. If you do happen to be awake, you probably have something better to be doing anyway, but on the off chance you don't, why not listen to this?

Good Vibes

Are you just chilling? Why not tune in to Good Vibes and listen to my favorite songs of the week? I might add something unexpected every now and then, but you will never know unless you stay tuned in. So stay tuned!