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Almost Midnight Messiah
Saving your ears, feeding your brain. from 6-8. Informative and irreverent chat and great musical themes: girls, boys, cars, seasons, death and sexual positions. A bit of everything really.
Girls On Top
Sexy ladies take over the airwaves in this show dedicated to female artists! Good fun for girls and boys alike, there will be a good mix of awesome tunes and classy banter. Safe!.
Gone to texas
A trip to nashville, country and western for all you cowboys and cowgirls. Plenty of classic american country and the best in the new music available, direct from the heart of the desert.
Half-way to Midnight Messiah
Saving your ears, feeding your brain. from 6-7. Informative and irreverent chat and great musical themes: girls, boys, cars, seasons, death and sexual positions. A bit of everything really.
Live At The Witch Trials
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride into the darkest depths of underground music. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone. From psychedelia to hip-hop, doom metal to girl group pop, and post-punk to jazz, we'll be playing you the past, present and future of all the music your mother warned you about, right on past witching hour...
Martin's late night final.
Every genre has awesome music. Don't believe me? Check it out and i'll definitely prove it to you. Except ska, ska doesn't make good music. You should also listen to my show if you never want to hear scouting for girls or the killers "Are we human" EVER AGAIN. week 2 - power pop is amazing week 3 - country can be good too week 4 - William shatner week 5 - Top gun and other power ballads week 6 - 2009 indie that will be good week 7 - 2009 indie that will be amazing week 8 - you totally didn't see these coming.
Talk On The Wild Side
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride to all the corners of the musical world, from the DIY underground to its commercial zenith. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone - we'll be spinning everything from psychedelia to hip-hop, krautrock to girl group pop, and post-punk to classic soul. Come listen to the past, present and future of music, and be vaguely entertained by our gay banter.
DJs Lyndopp and Z-nat spin some banging motown/funk to round off your Tuesday. Expect to be flung into a fanatical frenzy by a hand-picked crop of dancefloor fillers, sparkling joyful girl groups, weepy ballads and funked up fun times. Bring your dancing shoes...
Later with Jules from Holland

One theme, one girl and as many songs as we can fit into one hour.

Every week I'll present to you a list of songs that share a common theme. Of course you are more than welcome to make your own suggestions both for themes and songs.

Fangirl Feels

A show by a fangirl, for fangirls! combining stories of feminist activism, pop culture and music; Fangirl Feels is about how great Fangirls are, and the music they [I] enjoy! Get ready to fall in love with One Direction.... [I promise I wont only play One Direction......]

These Charming Girls

Join us for 2 magical hours a week of reporting all absurdity there is. We talk about news that are odd, weird, crazy, or eccentric, but most importanly, interesting and amusing (ooh, dem adjectives and thesaurus eloquence). All this PLUS lots of music! We play everything from good old classics to guilty pleasures, we just go with the flow (and requests!).

Tune in every Monday at 5pm!

Waiting for your messages and existing solely for your amusement,
I.e. Truly yours,

Smeleanor Smith from Grassington and Kaja Harton

Cat and Katy Cry Chapter 3: The Leaving Show

Cat and Katy have made it to the end of their trilogy. They aren't so happy to have made it to the end of their time at URY. Whilst there have been no tears yet be prepared for a veritable tidle wave of tears as the girls prepare to say goodbye to the University of York and everyone who has made it so special. 

More Songs About Chocolate And Girls...

An exploration of music, with the aim to introduce a myriad of songs to people who didn't know they needed to listen to them!

URY Afternoon Tea: These Charming Girls

Bella and the Jets

Just for girls having a fun chat and playing a wide range of music 

URY Brunch: The Girl Power Hour(s)

Unlike Beyoncé, we make our own content. Join us as we exercise our contractual right to a maximum of 2 Beyoncé songs in an hour, plus as may features as we can find.

The Great North Run

On the morning of The Great North Run, a family eagerly try and watch the race on TV, in the hope of seeing Daniel, the youngest member of the family.  Unfortunately they keep getting distracted.  Whether its arguing over jobs, or working through deeper issues the family has, you will become engrossed in the day to day lives of the household.  With a huge cast and a good mix of humour and drama, this is definitely a story to tune in to.  

Written by Joe Dolan and Directing and Sound Engineering by Beth Wiffen. 

Cast include Sienna Lucrezia as Mum, Beth Prior as Carol, Leo Clasen as Mike, Matthew Chesters as Dad, Dominic Gould as Daniel, Marco Ross as the Announcer and Weatherman, Claire Geller as the Reporter, Kieran Cockburn as the Historian, Euan Brook as the Interviewer, Isaac Saward as the Interviewee and Ella Rainbird-Earley as the Girlfriend.

Alumni Takeover: The Big Sofa

The Big Sofa graced the York Uni airwaves all the way back in 2001, when Rach was a psychology undergrad living in a breezeblock prison called Goodricke C Block.

Since then Rach has graduated (hurray! They said it would never happen!), moved away (now living in Mordor (Morden), London), worked three different jobs (evil corporate advertising; bonkers Virgin Radio; the BBC), birthed three kids (two boys, one girl), become a stand up comedian (three years in, still haven't done Live at the Apollo) and QUIT RADIO (sob.)

This last one makes her incredibly sad.

So Rach is ecstatic to be back behind a microphone. Join her for this one off two hour show and listen to the joy plastered all over her face.


Wham! The radio has landed back in a time when a guy called Frankie Said Relax and a girl called Rio danced upon the sands. It's the 1980s (again) so apply the hairspray, make up and dance like the audience on Top of the Pops!


Lori & Frances present an hour of arts talk and alternative tunes.

We'll be chatting all things... From theatre to punk. Stay tuned for good craic with your two fave Scots!

The Sadboi Hour

My girlfriend left me. I'm graduating with no plans. Here's some sad songs.

Thursday Night Fever Dream

Sleep is for the weak. Radio is for the strong. Join Towells and Q for a show that may or may not be an out-of-body experience for all involved.


Yeah this show is still called Thursday Night Fever Dream even though it's on Friday now. Deal with it, we're lazy.

Changing Perspectives

If you want to listen to 3 girls ramble and rant for an hour, this is the show for you!

Join Alice, Grace, and Pip as we discuss all things important, from mental health to feminism, from the education system to the way social media defines us. We may even throw in our favourite tunes along the way!