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Progeny End of Year Special
Playing out the best tracks from the past two terms, Progeny delivers a final dose of prog to see you through 'til Autumn.
The Return of TinPot Radio
Well now... It's that time of year again. The most epic week of Autumn Term has come round once more. The thrills, the sights, the sounds, the fit room mates, the cracking good times, the unchartable awsomeness and the alcoholic consumption of freshers week cannot be explained all in one sentence. So thats why we're putting on a radio show for all you lovely lovely people out there... So join Will, John and Vicky as they bring back last years much loved TinPot Radio. Tune is for some sweet sweet tunage, some chortling laughs, some inuendo, so lude quizzes and loads of general radio sexyness.... genuinely better than sex!!!.
URY Chart Show: compiled from airplay and requests every week. The chart of last term (Autumn 2009).
URY:PM - URY Chart Show: the chart of last term

James Brookes counts down the 20 biggest songs of the Spring Term 2013. Who will have the biggest song; Calvin Harris? Bastille? Taylor Swift? Macklemore?


Less than a year after boxing took centre stage for the opening ceremony of Roses 2015 it's back in the spotlight as "The Fighter" comes to York. A group of York students who had no boxing experience back in the autumn have been undertaking a training camp in preparation of their amateur débuts. Listen to the drama of 9 amateur bouts to see which York students will triumph like Rocky and which will end up just biting the dust.

URY Presents: UYCO Autumn Concert

Join URY for the University of York Concert Orchestra's first concert of the year!!
Listen as they perform pieces inclucing Ulricht from Mahler 2, music from Apollo 13, Chicago Medley and Pomp and Circumstance.

URY Music: The New Music Show

URY's Music Team bring you their Top Ten New Tracks of the Week! Spanning every genre, with cutting edge discussion and feedback.

Throwback to the 80s

Reliving the 1980s like they never went away.

I'm So Turned On Right Now: Autumn 2020

Like the nocturnal students we are, URY is emerging from it's COVID Cubby-hole in the middle of the night to kick off a brand new term of broadcasting.  Join our most sleepless presenters for an night (morning?) of light entertainment before your inevitable 9am welcome lecture. At least you won't have to get out of bed to attend...

The URY Turn-On Show: Autumn 2021

You might think we've already turned the transmitter on, considering we made a big song and dance about it at the start of the month, and have been doing shows from the Move-In Days over the weekend. Well, you'd be correct - but we have more than one transmitter now, so there's still one big (small) red (silver?) button (key) to push (turn)! Come and join us as we celebrate broadcasting on AM for the 53rd year running! 

A Morning with Management

Join some of URY's most senior members in their most sleep-deprived states, as Station Manager Alice and Secretary Sam get you up and ready for the first Tuesday of Autumn Term at York.

Just Turn Us Off Already: Autumn 2021

Another term, another turn-off! This time, we'll be sending off 2021 in ""style"" by using a bunch of segments that we came up with in a workshop earlier in the week. It's sure to be... Something.

Hannah's Happy Holiday Hours

There's no other way to end the Autumn term than with a Christmassy 2-hour extravaganza! Bringing back a holiday special of Hannah's Happy Hour, so get ready to boogie you way into the festive season.