URY On Tap
URY News Special: River Safety - York's Rising Problem

Since Christmas, 3 people have lost their lives to York's rivers. All of them young. All of them on nights out. All of them affected by alcohol. So how can we tackle the issue? Is enough being done to keep people out of trouble when on a night out in York? Are enough people aware of the dangers the rivers pose? And what do you do if a friend ends up entering the water?

In this special programme we hear about some of the ways the problem's already being tackled, hear advice and discuss what more could be done to prevent tragedies. George spends a night with the Street Angels - a scheme which has been the inspiration for a new YUSU initiative called Night Safe. Kallum Taylor joins us live to talk about the new sceme, plus we hear from the Police and Crime Commisioner Julia Mulligan, York Rescue Boat, some of your experiences of the river on nights out, plus the mother of Megan Roberts who lost her life to the river in January and the girlfriend of Ben Clarkson whose death came the month after. All that and lots more. 

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